Spring Clean Up Time

Mar 26, 2019 | Commercial, Landscape, Residential, Spring Services

Now is the time to schedule your Spring Cleanup!

Once that snow is all gone, we’ll clean up everything it’s been hiding:

  • Fido’s “special presents”
  • broken tree limbs, branches, twigs, pinecones, leaves, pine needles
  • thank-heavens-it’s-done driveway sand

To get your lawn growing lushly, we also need to mechanically rake the thatch (rake out some of the old grass) and fertilize. We can also weed, edge and mulch your flower beds. We have equipment to professionally  grade and compact your gravel driveway and fill in the pot holes. This is also the time to prune trees.

Call today or email for a free estimate.

When the ground is ready, you might also want to plan to have your garden rototilled and talk with us about your garden and landscaping designs.

Below are some photos from a spring clean up we did for Bailey’s Funeral Home in Lancaster, NH.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we are eager to talk with you!  Call 603-788-0999 today!